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Hunter & Hunted

Ah, so again I see the voracious side

of the one within the seeker's light

Should caution be the winding way

to gaurd her from all that she craves

For truly the mind of such a man

who holds the madness in his hand

might be a thing too hard to chew

a maze of rhyme to travel through

Should hunger drive the heart of such

a beauty beheld through mental touch

a twisting call of sweet desire

with words he used to take her higher

and is it really her that stalks

as the hunting cat throughout their talks

or has she sprung a trap well laid

and unto his mind become the prey

The dancing game so soon has started

and from the souls of hearts departed

the truth of the hunt and of the quarry

shall truly tell of someone's glory

and in the end to be revealed

which of the two was more concealed

the cat, the mouse, and who was which

and under spells was more bewitched

TheHiker TheHiker 41-45, M 3 Responses Aug 7, 2012

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Hiker: Brilliant! Are you following me in verse? Cause I want to know....Easily one of my favourites now and in my library here. You should really consider publishing. I would stand in line for you to sign my copy. So blessed to call you friend. kisses...xoxoxo

({[ taking off his hat and swinging his arm under him as he bows with a flourish ]})

Thank You, Cynthia

Curtsying with a flourish to you....You did not answer my question. Are you following me in verse? Your words could be footsteps, poet...I just have to be careful....You are most welcome, dearheart.

Of course they're footsteps. What else would they be? Many pathways through the woodlands of life appear much the same, my sweet little hunter girl. You track your prey. I track mine. She tracks hers. He tracks his. The woods are filled with the precious noises of the Hunters and The Hunted these days.

No, each set of tracks are different, Hiker. Hmmm....Who would Hiker be tracking? You have some idea of some I hunt.....The woods are, indeed, alive at night. We should talk more about this privately, dearone....kisses....

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Powerful, Hiker, as always.

Thank you, sweet lady. I smile today

I think they "bewitched" each other...<br />
<br />
Prey and quarry within creative minds....<br />
twist and turn to all of your rhymes!!<br />
<br />
I did it!! I did a rhyme and it didn't sound all Dr. Seuss-like!! :D<br />
I'm learning from you!! Thanks!

Ah, tis such a thing to witness clear
The birthing of a poet here
a mind now open to the rhymes
of all of life's undrawn lines
an artist to paint as she see fit
with writings borne from out of wit
I smile now from ear to ear
as the birth of a poet took place right here --

Well done my friend

awwwwww THANKS!! :) You just made my whole day and it's hardly even started yet!! ♥

smiles are what I do. Whoot whoot !!!