Hunter & Hunted Parts I I & I I I

II -
Entrapped, Ensnared

The "unwary liar" ?

The label placed

upon Jestered Crier

Tis seemingly chosen

to make some point

a thing that shall

to him annoint ?

The game is struck

the deal so made

and in the plans

so well be laid

and to the hunt

both now engaged

Tis such a thing of harmony

tis truth and lies

discerned to be

weapons forged

from soul filled banter

drawn from out of

sharp toungue candor

take your aim and fire then

to see where all

the madness ends

for he who hath

the gifted thought

and inside all

his madness brought

could it be

that he'd be caught

or shall all the

hunting be for naught

to what it was

that she had sought


Well now we must continue on

with bows placed down or held and drawn

We can always talk of what this might be

or we can play the game to infinity

I think it would be fair to say

that these rhymes have more to say

for truly I dwell upon your words

to wonder what I've truly heard

to wonder what it is you'd like

my lovely littleĀ seeking light

For I am not fit to love

my love's a curse I'm not proud of

It's stung and hurt too many girls

who thought to be part of my world

and though it's nothing I ever plan

there are those who burned at my hands

It really is the longest story

some of which is fairly gory

and in truth my heart is broken

still unhealed from things unspoken

And though I wish it wasn't so

these are things you need to know

I have a trapped and tortured soul

and the curse is something I can't control

TheHiker TheHiker
41-45, M
1 Response Aug 7, 2012

Ya's hard enough to write ANYTHING in a good rhyme....for me at least...But you take it one step beyond..or maybe even a 10 mile hike and tell a whole story while you do this rhyming..... <br />
<br />
I've never read a longest story<br />
possibly bleak with a pinch of gory<br />
but a tale of interest it must be<br />
a curse or a blessing?<br />
we shall see....<br />
<br />
You gotta know.....I'll spend the rest of the day "thinking" in rhyme now!!

That is perfectly acceptable to me. In fact, I'll now be giggling all day just thinking about that fact. --- The longest story is one of true woe that holds the secrets of others. While I do not prescribe to secrets myself, I do hold the secrets of others in the strictest of confidence. I can tell you that my love is indeed a curse, and one that shouldn't be cast upon anyone else ever again. That is the truest of my feelings upon it. I'm not saying it won't happen. Simply because love is and always will be uncontrollable and unpredictable. --- Now then my friend, let the rhyme begin, hold onto the thoughts, that let the rhyming in !!! whoot whoot

Well.. I am an optimist, this is true.
and I can't help but think if the right person wandered thru.....
they could turn what you think is a curse into a blessing for both of you.....

That might just be my own wacky way of thinking but sometimes truth is wayyyyy stranger then fiction...and.... I made it rhyme too!! ;)

You're skill progresses at an astounding rate. -- As to the rest, only time can tell some tales. = )