Coffee Time Fantasies

Here I sit to sip my coffee, all my dreams fresh in my head
With work the thing that's waiting for me,
I want to crawl back into bed

But being there has never earned me, any money to pay my bills
Though there are those times that I've laid there,
to find a world so filled with thrills

Yet here I am still sipping coffee, wondering what it may have been like
If my dreams that were of you,the ones I had all of last night
Inside my bed did come true

Would I be here sipping coffee, or would I be fast asleep
And with all those dreamlike thoughts to think of
I'm sure we'd still be moving sheets

I'm so sure that I'd need no coffee, and I'd still be wide awake
as you turned from dream into real life
a fantasy that I could take
TheHiker TheHiker
41-45, M
1 Response Aug 8, 2012

Awesome....just awesome..... :)

;- ) Thanx girlie. I appreciate it.