Spring's Whisper

Inside the heat of Summer's days, with fun and and freedom all the craze,
The world is simply burning

Then Autumn leaves will start their dance, inside their falling cryptic trance
and the days will slowly shorten.

When winter comes it sends a chill. Doors are closing and time stands still
The snows; to ice, are turning.

But soon there comes a time to sing. A time to feel the Touch Of Spring
and listen to Spring's Whisper

And in that time to feel the grace, that woman in my mind does race
my thoughts to be much crisper

She sings to me within my mind. She stakes her claim to this one rhyme
In truth I'd like to kiss her.

But that's the Poet I'm trapped inside of. With all his rhymes that come thereof
So many inspirations

But to feel her tug upon my heart. Just like she's done right from the start.
These words are confirmations.

Of how she makes me feel inside. With all her precious words; reside
give my words such animations

So, Touch of Spring this Rhymes for you. To tell you that I'm a friend so true
and to show my admiration

The Snowdog
TheHiker TheHiker
41-45, M
4 Responses Aug 10, 2012

Hiker, I don't think I can thank you enough for that. Keep rereading it all the time :) It's one of the nicest things anyone has done for me here. The poem goes straight to my favourites. Thank you for making me feel so special. And I can't stop looking at the pic of the spring girl drawing the heart on the window - it's soooo lovely!

No need to feel special when in truth you just need to know that you are special. Very special, indeed. Just like a Touch Of Spring that brings blooms to every flower, so too is your presence here. Making every person you speak to feel as if they have grown into a flower of life's maddening perfection and randomness. Breathe your ever sweet whispers upon us and watch us all bloom.

Awww...I LOVE everything about it, Hiker! The words, the pics, the 'melody' of it. And I can feel spring in the air, all of a sudden! It's beautiful. And I'm really touched now. Thank you SO much. You've just made my day! Huge hugs and kisses.

To make your day, with things I say, in my ever rhyming way, is such a thing, to make me sing with feelings brought by A Touch of Spring. I remember when you were SpringWhisperer. I always thought that was a perfect screen name for you. Whenever you passed through my parts of the site it felt like Spring had laid it's warming touch upon my pages. Then you changed it to touchOFspring and I found that to be even more appropriate for you, as it more closely mirrored the way all of your friends feel. We're all blessed to be parts of your circle and we all feel that touch from even your simplest of hellos. That touch that says the words of one of my favorite quotations -- A hush is over everything, Silent as women wait for love; The world is waiting for the spring.
~Sara Teasdale~ The world awaits you, my friend.....

Hiker, you are such a kindhearted man. It always amazes me how it is possible that one heart can hold so much love for so many people. You always remember about your friends, let alone the fact how much of a gentleman you are! WE are all blessed to have you here, my friend. We all feel special because of you. I'm sure that's not only my opinion.

Thank you, dearheart. Thank you very much.

Wow! Your pictures and words were completely in sync. What a lovely little journey you took us on...and I loved every minute of it. :)

Thank you Kassie. I love when you love my rhymes. I think it's lovely. Hahahaha.

Awww you totally captured every season.....So few words, so well done....all wrapped around your genuine feelings....AWESOME!!

Dear, sweet, Sierra..., always with the kindest of words. Thank you so much, my friend...., thank you indeed. = )