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Waking Moments

And in that waking moment; Dashed

The dream of taking you at last

The dream of you within my arms

To succumb to all my loving charms

To fall to all these words I say

To love and lust the dream's array

To be seduced and be so smitten

To purr for me just like a kitten

And in the waking moment; Dashed

Reality comes on so fast.

~The Snowdog~

TheHiker TheHiker 41-45, M 4 Responses Aug 11, 2012

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Hope your dream comes true

Thank you, very much.Very, very much.

A good one, Hiker. But I have only one question:why can it not happen? My dream has come true. I did not even dream of a man to love me. Just of peace and freedom. And Forever man found me. And we have made commitments to each other. So if this impossible dream can materialize for me, then why not for you? You are kind and compassionate and tender....And do not joke with me now.....It is a matter of what you open yourself to...Anything is possible. I know that now. So should you. So I do not rate the spirit of your poem as exquisite. You have to believe. And it IS possible. I KNOW that, Hiker, my dear friend. Kisses....Think about it...

Perhaps, I'm simply open to too many things at once ?

Or not open enough to the possibilities of love...You have come a long, long way, my hiking friend. Perhaps there is one who would take your hand and walk with you. Just sayin'.....And, kisses...LOL!

You and those kisses....
-hehehehe !

And I remember when you said do not give them to me because you could not take them. But there is one who would willingly give them to you...I wish you would let destiny take her course...You cannot fight it. Oh, you can, but to what avail? You know how wonderful it would be for you, Hiker. Yes, I am affectionate. I have lived without for a very long time. But Forever man is one with me now. And I suffer no more like that. You can avoid answering my questions here and now. But you know I am right. Always am....Kisses. And putting my arm around you. Whispering in your ear, "Take a chance, Hiker. You will not be sorry this time, love." *smiling and leaving now*

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Oh...I really liked that song too! :)

Whoot whoot !

Ya know what? Sometimes dreams come true!! Yup...sometimes they do, so it's good to keep having them... This sounds like it was a good one!! :)

I do not dare for the impossible, only the highly improbable. So enjoy your comments, Sierra. Truly I do.

aww thanks....I enjoy all you write too.... There is sooo much to you that peeks thru.. between the words sometimes..... :)