Waking Moments

And in that waking moment; Dashed

The dream of taking you at last

The dream of you within my arms

To succumb to all my loving charms

To fall to all these words I say

To love and lust the dream's array

To be seduced and be so smitten

To purr for me just like a kitten

And in the waking moment; Dashed

Reality comes on so fast.

~The Snowdog~

TheHiker TheHiker
41-45, M
3 Responses Aug 11, 2012

Hope your dream comes true

Thank you, very much.Very, very much.

Oh...I really liked that song too! :)

Whoot whoot !

Ya know what? Sometimes dreams come true!! Yup...sometimes they do, so it's good to keep having them... This sounds like it was a good one!! :)

I do not dare for the impossible, only the highly improbable. So enjoy your comments, Sierra. Truly I do.

aww thanks....I enjoy all you write too.... There is sooo much to you that peeks thru.. between the words sometimes..... :)