Sweet Darkness

Kisses and wishes, and the hook without fishes
Living and loving and eternal blisses
Sweetly denying the curses undying
and inside the truth see the thing that is lying

twisting the turning with a dead poet burning
and inside the madness of a person so yearning
though lifted on wind gusts without all the mistrust
is a thing so undone that the rebirth is just unjust

to infinity crying with the world filled with sighing
the seducer reduced by all that's found vying
and to the unwary a love that still scares me
the scars and the stars and a thought of the querry

so still goes the hunter the knife so much blunter
as he stands on the cliff face and not be the jumper
to fall into darkness that sweet lovely abyss
to tie into rhyme what the mere mortal did miss

and still the insisting with the ship foundered and listing
but both the watcher and watched still coexisting
so down with the glowing of a seed he's not sowing
with all of the debt piled and still to be owing

the currency now spent and oft to feel lament
the greatest of gifts is to leave off the torment
and as love flows straight by and to refuse to try
with the sadness a gladness to the true naked mind's eye

so with parting from sorrow with no hope for tomorrow
the master's disasster is not something to follow
it's just not the right time for a new line of true rhyme
just passing, amassing, forecasting the new crime

so be it to wither the soul of the giver
the remissful so whistful the arrowless quiver
to be of the forlorn to be not yet reborn
the child has died and the mother still goes on

so waste all the dreaming and give it not meaning
the sweeter heart eater is still seemingly seaming
and now with the full doubt the future still held out
the sun is still setting and the moon is not yet out

~The Snowdog~
TheHiker TheHiker
41-45, M
4 Responses Aug 13, 2012

Sublime! Have had some experience with poetry most of my life, but more so since 2008. Have critiqued many, many poems, rhymers, free verse and other forms.

I enjoyed reading this from first word to last. A wonderful journey of words, images and sentiment ... with that undertow of realness. Beautiful work! Kudos!!

Wow, thank you very much. I\'m very glad that you enjoyed it.

Pleasure was all mine!

Good job! Impressed! :) <br />
look forward to reading more in the future.

One doesn't ever know what the future might hold. Though we know it holds more for the bold. To seek the future within the cold, see what you want and take ahold.

I love this, of course i had to read it again but I really love this

Much appreciation. This one loves to be loved. It's such a poem as to beg for it I think. Hehehehehehehe

This is one of those poems that I need to read at least 4-5 more times. I love it like all your work....It's intricate and almost like a piece of high quality fabric woven with complex designs.... Then again....You're like that fabric too......but that's a good thing...... :)

And with a "Whoot whoot !" He thanked her ever so kindly for such sweetly typened words of praise. How awesomely awesome.

"Awesomely AWESOME!!" Now there is a phrase I can totally sink my teeth into..or maybe just my speech and typing fingers!! :D

You always make me smile. Smiles are something I usually avoid on most days. They're simply too telling. Hahahahahahaha

awwwwww. nothing makes my day any better then knowing I made somebody smile!! We have to totally get you out of this whole "smile avoidance" phase!! :D Be very careful or I might have to start sending you my favorite corny jokes everyday!! I've heard some of them can be hazardous to your health!! :O

Hmmm...., my sense of humor is quite the odd thing. I laugh at the strangest times.

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