To Part.... (for: Kim)

I remember the first day that we met, and you were all that I could see.
I still remember our first kiss, and the way you gazed at me.

I remember thinking way back then, that we could never last.
I remember thinking I wish we could, but that's all in the past.

We had so many good things that kinda went our way.
We also had those bad times when life just went astray.

I had my son, then we had our daughter, and we raised them right.
It wasn't always easy though. There were plenty of little fights.

Nothing seemed to faze us, through all those ups and downs.
But if we ever counted, there were more smiles than there were frowns.

We never had any money and yet still we struggled on
Looking for ways to stretch that buck, until that buck was gone.

We  laughed, we cried. We did it all, in the time we spent together.
We made through all kinds of strife and hard and stormy weather.

We did the things that lovers do. We managed to stay friends.
And when I look back upon our days, I'm sorry it's at an end.

I really do still love you, dear. I hope you know that's true.
But we became a thing that's broken now, and I don't know what to do.

You say to me you love me. Yet in your eyes I see the doubt
It gives me feelings deep inside me, that I have trouble letting out.

I've never been romantic, and I'm not really sure how to love
I've always tried to tell you that, but it was something you couldn't think of.

I'm weird at times. This I know. My heart was always scattered.
It never meant the way I felt was something that did not matter.

And as I sit here typing this, I know it's totally all my fault.
Seeing you again today, lent my wounds a bit more salt.

I'd like to say I'm sorry, but I'm not sure if you'll believe it's true.
But almost everything I am today, has a lot to do with you.

I know you'd like for me to change, and be a bit more normal
It's a request you made many times in ways that were'nt so formal.

I tried to be the best I am, and I know I failed quite a lot.
But being me was never easy, because this me is all I got.

So all these many years have gone by us and this is where we are.
Not sure where this road will lead us now, or if we'll ever get real far.

All I know is we couldn't keep living just the way we were
With you so sad, and me so mad, I'd think that you'd concur.

I guess the thing we need to think of in these coming darkened days
is our daughter, that lovely girl, who deserves all of our praise.

If you look at her real close, I know that you will see as I do
that she is what was meant to be coming from me and you.

She's just the best. So we must try, to do all that we can
To assure her every advantage in life to fulfill all of her plans.

Let's watch her grow up, and give her love, and try to act united
to her cause, and to her dreams. Let us get her passions reignited.

Let's spur her on as best we can, and impart the lessons we have learned
Let's teach her everything we know and show her there's happy to be earned.

And who knows, what tomorrow brings ? We might again be one.
For now though, we must rememeber our life's work is not yet done.

So let us heal these wounds we have. Let us tend our hearts.
Let us take this time away to see what wisdoms it imparts.

Let us see ourselves again as the individuals we've lost.
Let us see if the love we shared was simply not star crossed.

by: Rob Paquin

TheHiker TheHiker
41-45, M
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Always so rich and filled with so much........