Oh What A Night And Now She Must Write

He could have inspired her, did he? hmmm
She shook the lose strands of hair back out of her eyes and thought
Ah if only he was here she would have the makings of her next great write
A man with a sense of humour and body to kill for
It was everything she dreamed of when trying to write before
Sitting on the edge of her bed lights down low
puffing on her last cigarette
she let her hair down and sighed
It was a long day at the office and all she wanted to do was relax maybe have a bath
Standing there in her skirt and bra
she went to turn on the water and there he was
This time she had it in the flesh, not just a fantasy like all the others that were created in her novels
Their eyes gazed at each other from across the room
They rose to such a sweet quest
He leaned in for a kiss and played with her hair
fingertips everywhere tracing down her back to unhook her bra
She could barely speak for she had longed for this
No more thinking just doing as he gently lifted her up on to her desk
skirt hiked up and all
He grabbed on to her hips
and said are you ready?
She then took him in like cool drink of water
She realized at that moment she had found her muse
There was no stopping now
beads of sweat dripping down
Her back was arched and he just slammed it and the mood was just right
At that very moment they had both released with a sweet sensuous groan
oh what a delight
Tonight was the night
and now she must write

WildIrishEyes WildIrishEyes
31-35, F
Sep 13, 2012