~my Sweet Muse~

The sweet smell of you is in the air

I waited for you and there you were

My muse

I lay back in bed as you climbed up to say hello

You kissed my cheek and you went in for more

How lucky am I to have you like this

Such a sweet surprise

Simple with just one touch and I am done

Down for the count

And you are just a hot mess all over me

As I lay in such bliss

Full of happiness

Your words whispered in my ears

They drive me wild

And send tingles down my spine

As you reach for me

And spread my legs

To go in for the kill

The romantic lunge

A hot mess you are

My hot mess

A sweet surprise just for me

My muse at last

Has set me free

Lost in such simplicity

I wait for your next move

But I catch you off guard

With my kiss that would set

Your soul on fire

And there we are wrapped up

In such a sweet desire

You and me on this sexy Tuesday

What more could a girl ask for


My sweet Muse you are

Full of ecstasy

I think you’re just what need



WildIrishEyes WildIrishEyes
31-35, F
Sep 18, 2012