Another Piece Of My Soul ~ Untitled - By: Rob Paquin

I am therefore I am. Just doing what I can. I'll stay gone and I'll carry on. It's my only plan.


I was therefore I was. And why I'm gone is just because. I know stuff's been said. I'm not dumb or dead, but still can feel the claws.


I sleep therefore I dream. And therein my mind just screams. Expectations failed. Heart so veiled. I spiral through extremes.


I falter therefore I'm flawed. So save me all your awe. Just leave me here. I no longer care. Excuse me as I withdraw.


I think therefore I see. And I won't ever be..., what you want, though the thoughts still haunt. Your image is all I see.


I lied therefore it died. Can't say I never tried. Can't take a chance at twisted romance, when my heart is dead inside.


I leave therefore I went. To wallow in lament. To burn away, within sweet decay. On my path of swift decent.


I hope therefore I desire. Yet I succumb to all I acquire. The circles burn. Without concern. I just stoke my funeral pyre.



~The Snowdog~

TheHiker TheHiker
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Exquisitely and excruciatingly sad from a tortured, talented soul but LISTEN to Ninnette!

thank you for this, sad really