~and This Has Surly Been My Test~

Feelings I have lost deep inside

Never to be told or held in your heart

Feelings that are better off and meant for the dark

Emotions can happen

I try to keep them at bay

So that way you will never know

How often they burn and glow

It’s taken some time for me to unwind

And figure it all out

But I know my heart and I know what’s best

And this has surely been my test

As the days get closer

And the nights are shorter

I am okay for I know

Somewhere your magic shows

And travels to me when I least expect it

And my eyes can sleep easy

No worries I shall have

And I will wake up to the sun

Even if there is rain

A smile I shall have through the tears

I so desperately need to shed

And I shall be at peace

I know

Because that is the way it

has to go


WildIrishEyes WildIrishEyes
31-35, F
Sep 23, 2012