Rest Your Heart

Rest your heart,here in my hands
Shield your soul behind me.
Let me safeguard your deepest thoughts
With a friendship given freely

I ask you not for anything
Yet,for you to be yourself
With all I am,and might ever be
I wish you happiness and health

So rest your heart and dare to dream
To me you're beautiful
A friend I cherish.
A friend so sweet
I'm a friend who'll be dutiful.

All I want is for you to soar
To be so free and clear to fly
Away from the things that held you down
And made you want to cry

I'm here today and every day
So if you need to,please just call
You should know this rhyme's for you my friend
And as a friend I say "please don't fall"

Just rest your heart and rest your soul
Take a break from all that drains
Just take the break that you need
And relinquish all that strains

TheHiker TheHiker
41-45, M
2 Responses Nov 12, 2012

Aww this is beautiful....I betcha your buddy LOVED it too! )

:) awww that is sooooo nice to hear....

Thank you. My rhymes love compliments

Awww..... :)

Simply beautiful!!!

Happy you enjoyed it

Is dark chocolate sweet?