Twist Me Up

Look at me. I'm the shattered dream.
I tried to make you laugh but you want to scream.
All I am is all I'll ever be
That's always been enough for me.

Look at me without a clue
Just know I care because I always do
The way I care is nothing new But there's more to life than me and you

So twist me up and watch me bend
Yeah, I have a lot of friends
I love them all and I won't pretend It's what it is. Just comprehend

So what should a silly Snowdog be
All you want, or what you need?
Twist me up and make me smile
Then cast down blame that I can pile

I find it strange how I hurt inside
When all I've done and tried just dies
When all I ever said was I'm not worth the while
So please twist me up and make me smile

A friend I am. A friend I'll be
And in my rhymes you see me bleed
And in my heart you'll feel me freeze
My soul burns hot in misery

So just twist me up into your vision
Create for me another prison
And when the dream is viewed through your prism
Again I'll be awash in all my schism

I'm just me so twist me up
Drink your fill from the flowing cup
And when my words get too tough
Remember that I feel too. I guess just not enough

So twist me up and make me frown
Dress me in your dream like gowns
When I'm not enough just cast me down
I'll take the blame and burn the dream down

So twist me up within your mind
Twist me up and watch me rhyme
Twist me up and you will find
That I'm so twisted, but I'll be fine

- I am the Snowdog -
TheHiker TheHiker
41-45, M
1 Response Nov 17, 2012

"All I am is all I'll ever be
That's always been enough for me."

And that's all any of us can be and we can choose to be happy with it, or not.