My Name

The Mind's ; CHANGE
The Feeling's ; WANE
The Thought's ; INSANE
The Soul's ; AFLAME

It's In My Name

The Worries ; LAME
The Pressures ; STRAIN
The Accuser's ; BLAME
The Guilt's ; ASHAME

It's In My Name

The Hunter's ; AIM
The Landscape's ; STRANGE
The Prey's ; FAIR GAME
The Master's ; TAME

It's In My Name

The Statement's ; PROCLAIM
The Picture's ; frame
The Waiting's ; DRAIN
The Stake's ; CLAIM

It's in My Name

So when it's all gone bye
When we no longer try
When you leave to fly
When I stay and sigh
And I ask the question WHY ?

Just Say My Name

When you say it was a WASTE
When the truth's been faced
When you've gained your space
When I've been replaced
When the lines been traced

Remember My Name

And as we part ways
As the friendship strays
If you feel betrayed
Or feel that you've been played
Don't be dismayed

Just Curse My Name

So that in the End
You need not to pretend
You can turn the bend
And all the hurts will mend
This is the wish I send

Within My Name

*The Snowdog*
TheHiker TheHiker
41-45, M
2 Responses Dec 1, 2012

Powerful words.......Hiking Snowdog Rob.... Then again, everything you write holds a power all it's very own.....

With great power comes great responsibility. At least that's what Uncle Ben told Peter Parker.

Thank You Dancing Ninja Sierra

Ya know.....he was right.... but i think you'll handle that just fine too... :)

Me...? I was thinking maybe my words should take a little responsibility .....

you and your words all ride on the same snowboard, snowdog Hiker guy!! :)

When I snowboard there aren't many words being formed. Mostly just a few quick smiles followed by a horrendous crash followed by grunts and groans. But I get the picture.

:D...The first 10 times I went snowboarding I had the same results then all of a sudden I stated making it all the way down the trail on my feet instead of my butt or sliding sideways and flipping along on my head!! Now I am decent on's all about being tenacious enough to keep on gettin on that board and riding it.... sorta like life too....... :)

Tenacity..., now that word has power

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I thought your name was chris this whole time wff?????

You are the biggest dork eva ! Glad you're a friend

always and forevaaaaaaaaaaaa hahaha !!!