Maybe A Prayer Would Help

I feel it and it's everywhere
the laughs the stories
the dreams you shared
where did it all go?
I know that sadness does not bring tidings of good cheer
so where am I now?
Fighting the fight
Trying to stay in from the cold
Walking around with the wind at my back
Fighting as I go
Candles will be lit
Sparkles everywhere
Dinner will be served but will I really be there?
Why do my eyes wheal up with tears?
I am very happy it's almost the new year
It's not about the presents
but being with the ones you love and hold dear
I guess its because you are still not here
The loss of a loved one many years ago
and the loss of a job
Has caused me to lose site
of what I need to know
I stand in the mirror and a stranger appears
Where is my laughter instead of the tears
I think I have learned really hard to cover it up
To only smile when the darkness comes out
Christmas will soon be here
And I am exhausted from my false cheer
I really do hope that soon this will pass
and I will cope and figure it out
So as the days get closer
maybe a little prayer will help
I wish you all the best
no matter how it all turns out

WildIrishEyes WildIrishEyes
31-35, F
Dec 10, 2012