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The sweetest dreams I have of thee,
Have you sitting close to me.
Within my embrace of loving arms,
I wish to keep you safe from harms.
And in my love to kiss you sweet
A sweeter heart I'll never meet.
So dream of me. I'll dream of you.
One and one, combined make two.
Two, together shall be as one
Until the end of time has come.

The Snowdog
TheHiker TheHiker 41-45, M 4 Responses Jan 17, 2013

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Short and sweet. Simple. It is different for you. But nice. oxxo

I was going for Romantic Dr.Seuss ....


Yes. I can see that. Do his characters ever fall in love? I would want to hear your words on that! LOL! kisssessssssssssssss....xoxo

Awww...This is beautiful!!

Thank you very much, Sierra.

I like this, nice rhythm.

Thank you, kind sir. This one is a simpler thing than most I've written. But still, it flowed okay.