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Two Sides Of The Coin

Part of me wants to pull up the covers and call it a day
The other part of me wants to go out and play
Lately I feel like two sides of the coin
Am I heads or tails?
That's just how it seems to be
Lately being me
Being me is my own special thing
Sometimes it hurts like hell
And other days I am nothing but smiles
Two sides of the coin with me
One day I wish to sing
The other days I wish to sink
And run away from what is right in front of me
Starting to catch on ?
Yeah that's just me
Heads or tails
Don't you see?
Happy, Sad
I do both well
It's always two sides of the coin with me
I guess that is just me
Heads or tails
Won't you come and flip my coin?
Maybe then you may understand me

WildIrishEyes WildIrishEyes 31-35, F Jan 19, 2013

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