**** Happens This I Know

**** happens right
You know it does
Love happens as well
Like **** do we wish
We could toss it away?
Sometimes I think that is the way
What I would like to say
Toss it all away
Just like my garbage I had today
**** happens
It always does
Dreams come and go
We make our choices
This I know
Do I always like them?
Do you ?
I often wonder why we do the
Things we do
You know what?
That is just the way life goes
Walking around
Some stand tall
Some even fall
Walk around with their heads in the clouds
Yup that's just how it goes
This I have come to know
Friends are great they really are
Some even stay long enough
To see the end of my story
Music is my first love
But do I sing the way
I always dreamed of?
Nope, no I don't
**** happens this I know
Because that is just how life goes!!

WildIrishEyes WildIrishEyes
31-35, F
Jan 19, 2013