Annabelle'S World

I never thought someday

Life would get me down

I never thought a day

You wouldn’t be around

I never felt the pain

I guess I was sleeping

In a sea bed

Wondering where my mind is

Wishing I was someone else

Praying every night

With tears in my eyes

Wiping them for what felt like the million time

I didn’t know that everything had lines

Life line friends line world’s line

I wonder whether this is true or a dream

This is reality or a big lie

Imagination or real life

But the truth is I never knew that answer

Thinking about it now after all this time

Make it seem stupid and glibe

But at the time it meant something

I wish I could tell you who I am

I wish I could show you the right way

But you live in darkness

And I was born in light

I was saved from evil

I was raised by jesus

I was made to worship him

But for you

You never knew the way

You think I’m going to hell

I’ve been there I know how it feels

To be one in a million

It makes you a deer in a lion’s den

Lying to be perfect

Lying to be happy

Are we liars in denial

Do we believe our own lies

Do we lie too many times

That it’s hard to tell the difference between lying and telling the truth

After all we’re all going to die

Am I going to hell or heaven

Only god knows the answer
Estherrose Estherrose
13-15, F
Jan 26, 2013