I'd like to be a distraction
Something to make you smile
As I pretend I'm working
Today for a little while
And if you can't help yourself
and you find you're giving in
you can blame me all you like
For me it's another win
Because you're so cute
With that look upon your face
the wry smiles curl your lips
And it won't look out of place
So c'mon
Just play along
I'm a distraction
That can last all day long.

TheHiker TheHiker
41-45, M
2 Responses Jan 29, 2013

this is amazing, well put, witty and pure

Thank you. Glad it was able to distract you for a minute. = )

Yes, it resonates feelings I'd lost touch with, so for that, thank you!

Never lose touch with your distractions. ;- )


If you lost touch with your feelings ,it was because you're distracted

Possibly, or just crazier!

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Who could possibly refuse an offer like that???? None of us..that's for darn sure!! I LOVE distractions!! :D

Some people try...., then they get distracted by the fact that they're smiling....

= )

I have been the easily side tracked and distracted sort of girl my whole life....I don't bother to fight it anymore....I just come up with better excuses for why I wasn't paying attention to what I was suppose to be paying attention too..... :D

Perhaps I should work on the excuses thing too. I just say things like "Huh?" & "What?"

:D I can totally coach you on them!!

I bet you could ! Just don't give me any of your shoe excuses. Those would sound so stupid coming from me........

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