The beautiful one
Tears that stream from her brown eyes
Perfection and poetry sealed into one being
A truest beauty is she though this she denies
If only to be close to her for a moment
To share with her reflection she makes upon my heart
To let her know that in this moment I love her completely
Even though soon we shall forever part
I do not need to possess her
Nor her body do I need to hold
Just to view heaven's grace boundless
To watch for one moment, the story of true Aphrodite unfold
Then to return to my life
As droll as it may often seem
Knowing that if for the ever so briefest of moments
A vision of brilliant sweet loveliness did I dream
My life made more rich and full
Just by knowing her name
By being her friend if for just a short while
My sojourn never again to be the same
So here I sit in reflection
Leave me to ponder for this while
Thank you for being who you are
Thank you for the reason that I now smile
vsethbreding vsethbreding
31-35, M
May 26, 2013