My Life In a Poem

this is a poem about somethings in my life which i battle with.

I can’t go on living my life as a lie, But showing the real me would make me cry, I wouldn’t want people to judge my ways, I keep it hidden for the remainder of my days.   Now you may ask what do you mean, But I cannot tell you, it’s too obscene. Better to leave it and let it rest, Yes let’s leave it, it’s for the best.   Emotions are the very heart and soul, Of what makes us human and what we can call, The feelings that we have inside, But sometimes it’s better if the feelings just hide.   Putting your neck on the line, Is all very well, if you will be fine, But uncertainty is the passing worry,  Drop the feelings let them leave in a hurry.   Other people who look in on your life, Stab you with the emotional knife, They don’t know what you have inside, But it’s for the best, let the feelings hide.   From the world you feel alienation, That you are the one and only mistaken creation, That god was punishing you for the thoughts you had, Is this true? It will send you mad.   Different feelings, thoughts up there, But what does it matter know one will care, You are the one that they forget to mention, Write the feelings down to get rid of tension Some of the feelings down on the page, Trying to ease the eternal rage, Why should it matter what people care, Let them talk, stand and stare.   Society thinks that are the superior, But the strength I have in the interior, Will soon show that no matter what they say, I am proud and I will someday.   Be a person that will win, Here is the start this is where i begin, Nothing now is going to stop, I am rising, right to the top.
justplainoldme justplainoldme
18-21, F
5 Responses Jun 20, 2009

a masterpiece....

Very heartfelt poem. Writing definetly helps.

wow.<br />
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very nice

im glad that this poem helps u put feelings into words.

Excellent.!<br />
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~I can't believe it!, this is just exactly what I feel inside, but I didn't find the words to describe it!