Outskirts 2

how could you think this was expected
by this gentleman?
you got him looking into
the blind eye early in the morning.
what did he expect to see?
the future?
a garden in the east,
a desert flower?
a landscape in Tennessee?

so near is the world that's there
to see when there's no sound
and letters play their game like
confetti. or snow, easy to be molded.

forget about me
and let me dream some more
'cause that is what i want,
that's what i can do;
just that.
fairy tales, just
fairy tales, i'm only fond of
them and i don't hesitate.

don't worry, you'll
see me at the corner, maybe
a shop.  you'll hear me
sometimes, though it's not me.
you'll touch me though you never did before.
i'll faint now and soon be gone,
the one that forever was a stranger
is mixed up now
on his razor blade.

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56-60, M
2 Responses Feb 10, 2010

that's sweet to say, UFO, thank you.

This is awesome!