Where I Run From...

Living in a dream

Dreaming of a world

A world where no one cries,

Where no one has to say those painful, last good-byes

Where no screams are heard

Where no worries roam about

Where everyone is happy

Where everything is a lie

Fake smiles plastered on their faces

Fake laughs echo and fill the emptiness

No tears are shown into the open

All fears are hidden behind our eyes

No one can reach the lost soul

Nobody can see that I am the black sheep

Hidden behind a mask

Silent in all my ways

You dont notice me slip from the crowd

Nobody does

You dont notice me run away in fright

You dont notice me run, from where I dont belong

I am never free, as I live in this world

I have to break lose, not sure if it is possible

But in the end, I know I will come back,

To where I ran from.

I have to play my part,

In this game of Simon Says

I have to follow all the rules.

And stand up every round.

I cant give up,

Not 'till the end.

Not 'till I'm safe and sound.


I also have this poem up on my quibblo account, if you have a quibblo look for me! My nickname is no_tears_from_my_eyes

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3 Responses Mar 3, 2010


It would be nice if the world was like this.

Nice poem.