My Poem, Willing Slave

Warm embraces,
devour me,
sweet emotion,
overpowers me,
the flesh and the bone,
the body
the soul
chain me to your love
I'm your willing slave,
torture me with kisses
and make me helpless with your touch
take my breath away
make me lust
tease me with your affection
make me yearn for you
i want to serve you
please you
touch you
caress your body
like the gentle breeze
on the delicate rose
make me want you until i cant live
make me die with Ecstasy
make me shiver with desire
i am yours
take me at your will
i am forever bound to your heart
a willing slave.
June30 June30
26-30, F
3 Responses Nov 20, 2010

thanks for the comments guys, i really appreciate it. :) xx

i write poetry myself and i've got to say....i love this!!!

wow, hey let me get my breath back then I'll comment, lol! =P<br />
That's great! Really well written, very moving, and um, exciting! =) Thanks for sharing it. =)