Kinda Sucks Tho

i only seem inspired to write when i am upset. i have tried to write when i am happy but weirdly enough i think my better stuff is when something is wrong.  any body know why that is?
darlinsam darlinsam
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3 Responses Jun 11, 2010

nymph -thanks for the comment. you can only write when the inspiration hits. i wish i could write happier stuff too.

I know how you feel, I can't write when I'm happy... I went through a really depressing time in my life and wrote a lot of beautiful poems during that time, but as soon as things got better I lost my inspiration. People say I should try and draw inspiration from my happiness but it just isn't working... I think it's because I only find "dark thoughts" beautiful and worthy of writing about... I wish I could write during happier times though.

cd, thank you for you comment. i feel that some people in my life don't feel that my feelings are gifts.(my husband) but i have been thinking that when things are good i want to be out and "living" and doing things. so i don't know, just glad to be here!