Maybe Not....

I've thought about this.
Could it be the other way round? That when we're most deeply in those dark shadows that harden into horrors of helpless sorrow, our true creative spirit rises to the fore? Perhaps we don't write better when depressed into a useless blob of luxurious self-pity - perhaps we just write our best word-pairings when feelings that way. Just a thought. Namaste.
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3 Responses Nov 19, 2010

I've been AWOL of late, this season usually turns me into a recluse. I see the phoney, greedy, cold cruel acts done in the name of "seasonal joy and giving" or some such lie, and it sickens me, truly. People rejoice at these things!!! Can you believe it? Perhaps humanity's evolution has stalled for awhile, I'm not sure. Still if we don't start seeing the God within each other, we'll not see a thing. Blind to all the good, hidden from the light. <br />
I know life is treating you kindly - you are beautiful.<br />
Namaste.<br />

No denying, it's an uplifting feeling to read such positive words about one's way of living, beliefs etc. I sense a similar yearning in you, to explore that which we may not even been evolved enough to understand - we, the puny humans, who used this amazing brain to create a sound we use when we feel deeply: love. It's only a sound, like God, but means much to many.<br />
And the opposite sound - the balancing sound: hate. This we seem to feel as deeply only with ragged results. What a waste of our precious being spent on the anger and fear of hatred! Do you agree? Still, again to quote you, it's a needed balance and I would suppose that when we discover how to live with these polar opposites, we're truly alive.

Nice to encounter someone who understands that blessing......<br />
<br />
Thank you for that view - I can't completely agree with your opinion however. I believe our creative spirit, by any name, is composed of both sides of the human condition. Dark and light. Good and evil. Wise and unwise. ad infinitum. There doesn't always need to be a reason to rush out of darkness in fear of getting caught up in something that depresses the human will, I'd say. We can learn to embrace all sides of our being, instead of fighting against something quite inevitable. Without our dark instincts we couldn't recognize the light that awaits. To me it's all a journey and I expect to experience every part of it. The outcome will depend on the sum total of all that I did and all that I have yet to do. <br />
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Namaste my friend.