I Cant Sleep

Poetry has been my outlet, when I have been unable to communicate openly and out loud with my words or had no one to communicate to or understand what I was experiencing, my paper always listened to what I had to say. I wrote this poem one night, when like many nights, I was in a battle with my mind.

I cant sleep
You continue to keep me awake night after night
With the pounding of your voice, leaving me with no choice but to listen to you,
I am so tired but you, you just keep talking, stalking my mind
I try to run and hide but you always seem to find me, I want to scream
"just leave me be!", but no, you wont listen to me, or even try to agree,
this is just crazy, your are my worst enemy and yet here you are acting like we are friends
When is this unrealistic friendship going to end?
Simple yet complicated, your power I underestimated
Why I allowed you in my life is a question I ask myself every day
And If I could walk away I would but I cant you see
Because you are me and I am you and although we are one
We are actually two.
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1 Response Oct 14, 2012

That was beautiful. I struggle sleeping also....my mind plagued with nightmares. Nightmares that, if the public knew, I'd be locked away in a "hug-yourself" jacket....This poem, though written at a dark hour, gave me hope. Because the mind that dreams those awful dreams, actually isn't me. "Because you are me and I am you and although we are one We are actually two."

Thank you for your comment :), I completely understand about a "hug-yourself" jacket......I believe there are reasons for your nightmares, try to learn from them because they are trying to tell you something. Never lose hope, without hope you have no faith and telling by your name I would assume you have alot. :)

I do have a lot of faith. A lot of faith. I'm a new Christian but I've seen GOD move so in so many ways I don't understand how people can live without HIM