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Behind my eyes, the tears hide the pain, behind my smile, my jaw clenches tight, fighting the need to scream and tell everyone "no I am not alright, I am not okay", because I know what they will say "you are just having a bad day" but then again how could I expect them to understand anyway, I've been fooling them like I have been fooling myself, prentending to be me when really I am someone else, lost in a black hole inside myself screaming for help, in silence, masked by someone I want to be, the someone they see, someone who appears to be happy, but me I am sad and alone.
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1 Response Nov 5, 2012

SelfDefinedPrisoner, that was beautiful. Poetry is such a wonderful outlet. So wonder.

Thank you again for your comment, its nice to know when someone is touched by my writing or can relate and this helps knowing I am never alone.