This Is Loving?

(Not really a story.. Its a poem)

Dear friend, my love, stranger
You are all of those above
I can't really tell which i am to you
I feel everyday i dont see you,
I lose a day of living

And every time you smile
I feel i can die happily that instant
I can't really read you,
Just try to understand you

Every time you talk to me,
I get to know another side of you,
Every word you say, is in my mind
I repeat conversations we had
And my dreams.. Oh god!
Such beautiful sceneries...

There is not a second...
I cant think of anyone besides you!
It is like my whole existence,
My life itself, was made for you.
You might not feel the same way,
I can't tell for sure..

I cant seem to stop thinking,
How much do i love you?
Its not simple to describe this feeling...
Its new for me to love

I want to give my heart as a present...
I want to jump behind you,
Surprise you, and see you smile
I want to be the one to see,
All those sides of you

we can laugh, we can cry,
we can be crazy or serious
I want to be all that and more
I wish to share everything
It is the first time i want to love!
kikiangel kikiangel
18-21, F
Jan 6, 2013