will the real mother please stand up


                             Will the real mother please stand up                                   Why are you so “everthing” I don’t mean to be mean,but it seems that you think lifes just a sene You see to me it seems that you don’t even care , you curse you yell you even stare I know what your thinking , how could she say all this about this about me After I gave her clothes shoe a computer and a family Although I thank you for all those things but that’s not what im talking about that’s not what I mean What I mean is the one thing I had for you but you diddnt have for me Respect respect respect Yep I had that for you and I had it steeled Just because people come to you with there problems don’t make you the next dr .phil I aint buying that bilge I wish you could step in my shoes and know how I feel My daddy was killed My brother got drunk then got lost My life is perfect,huh, no that’s folst Im 18 now graduating from high school and moving on with my life So you aint got to worry about me I will be all right Now I think about it I’m not going to give up on you You are my mother And im gonna fight for you Im gonna to help you see life though Mother im not givin up on you I love you, Your unexspected daughter

germany100 germany100
18-21, F
Jun 11, 2009