I miss the smell of your skin;
The milk and the honey and the salt and the sweat.

I love the way your lip curls
When some no-account little fool thinks he can invade your space.

I remember the long nights
in the city, watching them watch us,

and the longer nights
feeling your heat wrapped around me in the dark.

I can't think of a single thing
I don't miss about you.
RascallyRabbit RascallyRabbit
31-35, F
7 Responses Mar 4, 2011

This is delicious <3<3<3

Curses, foiled again! = ) <br />
<br />
When she lived with me, lots of people called her Savannah because of her accent.

I took Savannah to be a woman's name not a city.

who said it was a she? <br />
<br />
*blush* ok, it was a she, but i didn't think i was that obvious = )

My friend, Rabbit, I must agree with my friend Sierra - it is full of emotion, makes me feel sad that you miss her but glad to know she is not totally absent from your life.


I really liked this rabbit.... It holds a lot of emotion. :)