This Is How I Write When Frustration Overtakes Me.

Discussion of interlingual backformations
Like sweet music to my ears
Sounds like coming home
Or it would
If I wanted to go back
I can see the utter irrelevance of the subject
A dubious gift of adolescence
Idle prattle on a busy Monday morning
And so many topics left unconsidered
World hunger, AIDS relief,
" Real issues "
All that matters in Mom's kitchen is the proper grammatical placement
Of the second comma
And what to make for lunch.
RascallyRabbit RascallyRabbit
31-35, F
10 Responses May 10, 2011

MLAE when you see a bum in the park, do you poke him with a stick to see if he's dead? i bet you poke him even if you know he's asleep. <br />
<br />
yes, yes, and yes. but as to cats, NO. so there! i got the cat in the divorce. traded my truck for her. and while i'm not sorry, i'm not a cat person.

Thank you, tigger.

Bunny, your style of writing will always appeal and feel relevant. :)

ok jimmy, for a chance inside your head? raffle off an hour and I would go sit through the hours and hours of freud * spits out bad taste * <br />
seriously... thank you.

If a psychologist would write or speak like wabbit, I'd be stone-cold crazy tomorrow and flat on her couch 24/7... : )

Thank you, josh. You have no idea how much trouble I waded through for that vocabulary. It didn't make me friends, I can tell you that!

10 years ago that's impressive at adolescent times you had the vocabulary of a psychologist! I am impressed and jealous at the same time Amazing work this story is again easily drawn in my head by your words and the movies of your life easily wrote through your stories again...bravo~

feel like running, LyNz? you don't have to buy almonds. i know you won't eat them = )

LyNz you with glasses would turn the head of a blind person. i wrote this like 10 years ago! i can't believe it's still relevant and alive. <br />
<br />
Thanks, tommy. = )

Good stuff, bunny, good stuff.