My Demise By Bds

"Darkness consumes me
As I fall into the black
My heart's not there
It never has been
Don't think that I don't know
What you really think of me
So that's the way it'll be
Hand me the sword
Covered in my blood
And I'll stab my non-existing heart
You can sit there and laught at me
As this cold world fades away
And you can throw me dead
Into the fires of Hell
And you can watch me burn
Hear me scream
See me writhe
And listen to my anguish as I die
This is what you wanted
But I wanted this too
So I won the game
I just wanted it to end"
DoctorChurchie DoctorChurchie
22-25, F
1 Response Sep 1, 2011

If you're already dead... fair enough... personally with creative ability like that... I think you're very much alive.. and therefore that you should be stubborn and brush yourself off from whatever mess has consumed you and keep walking.. heavy legged... until you feel lighter.. :)

XD I just write sad poetry. I don't think I've ever head of a happy poem.