Rest if you must.
Sleep if you can.
Lay your pretty face
Upon my hand.

Steal those baby blues
And close them tight.
It’s time to surrender
To yourself tonight.

I don’t need you naked,
In leather or lace.
I want to see harmony
And a smile on your face.

On your soft, sweet lips,
A tender kiss.
Inhale deeply.
You need more of this.

To be asked nothing more,
You’ve been asked too much.
Time to stop giving.
Time to give up.

Let go of your tensions.
Forget all the noise.
With all that you’ve left,
Lose yourself in my voice

Take flight from the peak.
Float o’er the trees.
Feel your soul drift
In the cool night’s breeze.

Pull the blankets close.
Nestle in the shrouds.
You’re every sinew relaxed;
Snuggle in its clouds.

Sleep well sweet girl;
Rest safe in my arms.
Need for nothing,
And know no harm

I’ll guard your serenity
As I would your life.
Soundly sleep, my love,
Until the morning light

When I wake you gently
From your restful bliss,
My dear beloved,
With my tender kiss.
SecretBrokenDoll SecretBrokenDoll
36-40, F
5 Responses Nov 8, 2011

Wonderful poem.


WOW! Did you write this with someone in mind?

Take flight from the peak.<br />
Float o’er the trees.<br />
Feel your soul drift<br />
In the cool night’s breeze.<br />
really glad to say i enjoyed it ..dnt stop

truly beautiful. no one deserves this kind of love more than you do.