My Boo

Just a silly little love poem I wrote for my boyfriend last night. enjoy
My boo puts the stars in the night sky
He puts the butterflies in my tummy.
My boo puts a smile on my face a mile long.
He is the April to my October.
My boo lights up my dark morbid world.
He lets me dance in his light.
My boo wants me to be his Elli may, but
He is happy with his Wednesday Adams
My heart beat’s quicken when I think of my boo.
He makes me sing silly love songs.
My boo found me sad and broken.
He fixed me with hugs and kisses.
My boo is simply amazing.
He grew me a new heart.
I hope my boo and I never grow apart.
My boo is my knight in white armor.
He rescues me when I call.
My boo is mine and I wouldn’t want him any other way.

GothicXCupcake GothicXCupcake
31-35, F
Jan 2, 2012