My Story. Opening The Tabs Of My Mind.

My story.
Opening the tabs of my mind.
The child survives
the monster,
the pump house,
the closet,
the bathtub,
the screaming,
the fear, the fear, the fear.
Be still.
Be very quiet....disappear.
You don't have to hurt.
You can watch from afar.
The darkness is my peace.
The moon is my refuge.
The cold floor against my face soothes me.
From behind the locked door, I grow strong.
I will survive.
I will be free.
I will not carry
the resentment,
the bitterness,
the hostility,
the rage.
My child is safe now deep inside of me.
ktyler713 ktyler713
46-50, F
Aug 6, 2012