True Story

Just a man with a broken past
A forgotten present
A dim future.
He says he doesn't believe in love
His words are all just a little too real.
Words slicing across her mind.
Just a shattered and broken girl
Her past seldom known
Her present all too clear
Her future unknown.
Just a girl crying long into the night
Crying to him "Please be okay, just for tonight. Give me a promise."
She does all she knows how to do
But nothing could change his mind
And bind the ties.
Writing to release the pain.
Leaving nothing but the comforting touch of oblivion
Gathering her courage, refusing to lose herself in the abyss
Falling into love
Realizing the mistake a little too late.
Befriending the metallic taste in her mouth.
The sharp and comforting chill pulling across her skin.
Mutluluk Mutluluk
18-21, F
Aug 5, 2010