How The Day Stumbled Upon Me

and how the day
has stumbled up
and on me with a smile.
she welcomes home
her newborn colt
with yellow flower kisses.
she brings the life
he longs to live
and loves him all the while.
into a world
a morning full
of bright invisible fireflies.
she catches them as a gift to him-
he teaches them to dance.
and come the night
he sets them free
pinlights against the sky.
they whirl and turn
they mesmerize
with patterns long forgotten.
she watches them
she nods to him
and thanks him with her eyes.
so bright and green
so beautiful
so pure, intrinsic in angels' fire.
the fireflies wing to the autumn moon
to merge with the stars lit anew all the brighter.
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Sep 14, 2012