Seduction transforms when you have been with someone for so long.

Its face changes over the years. Its beauty synthesizes; its passion is poised and deepened.

It transcends that of the excitement you experienced in your first meeting. Discovering each other in that way is a gift, but not unique.

Any two people can share that, but traveling years with someone, who knows and shares your dreams, hopes & aspirations. Who knows and accepts your fears, moments of despair and your weakness’, it cultivates a connection that physically can lead to an experience that is comforting and familiar, yet I've found that it also creates another level of desire, an urgency to have that person that comes from another place from within.

There is a connectedness that has the ability to intensify the smallest touch. The place you walk together is abstruse, within each other’s hearts, within each other’s mind, within each other’s soul, leaving your physical beings almost nonexistent. It’s almost like a light, an energy seeping from every pore in your body, heightening every one of your senses.

I want that place from within you. . .

The darkness you're afraid of,

The light you try & hide,

The thirst you find so hard to quench.

I want that place from within you. . .

I want to satisfy the undisclosed desires of your heart....

adahy adahy
31-35, F
Feb 23, 2010