The Hello To My Good-bye

The world, so beautiful yet so cruel, so peaceful but full of raging wars. Every smile is led by a frown. In the darkness I see it. I see the peace. But when night turns to day. I’m just another girl born upon a grave. Are we not all bid a due with the warm welcome of hello when we close our eyes for good? I can see it. In the darkness I can see it. The warm embrace as a tickle runs down my spine. I was never alone. Just lost and growing old. I just need a place to rest my bones and sleep. An everlasting sleep. May I follow the stars over the moon? Drift away and understand it. We all are looking for beauty but squint are eyes to the world. That harsh cry smothers you until a tear breaks out amongst the silence. It’s there. It always was. Run for it. You’re so close. Open your eyes now. Leaving the womb is not a consequence, but a gift. For all the broken souls born unto a grave, all the suffocaters who are afraid. It’s there. It really is. It’s time to breathe. Follow the wind. If only they knew. Knew the pain that kindled inside, maybe they could have saved your life. Words lost amongst the crowd. So far yet so close. It’s either right or left. A journey or a mile. Just take a step. It’s there child. Now go quietly and believe. In the darkness you will find your creator.
knifeb4life knifeb4life
18-21, F
1 Response Jan 14, 2013

I love your work! and btw the creator doesnt want you for another 50 yrs.