For Those At Their Lowest Ebb..

~ Devotion ~
Where there is Love,
There will always be
Its silhouette, devotion.
You cannot look into
The face of one
Without seeing the other.

As the sun is
Devoted to the horizon,
Or sea waves devoted
To the shore...
Their essence washing
With ancient splendor
Upon the other.

And we,
Who sometimes walk
In darkness of our making,
Are never beyond the grace
Of His devotion
Washing over us.

There are stars
Twinkling His hopes
And dreams for us.
When tears of despair
Stream upon our cheeks,
A comet trail of Love
Arcs across His face.

In Truth,
There is nothing
That can really
Keep us apart.
For devotion is
But the distance
From our spirits
To His heart.

Connifer Connifer
56-60, M
4 Responses May 12, 2010


I find that is very true. I see evidence of His love and care even in situations of my own making. It makes me understand that I am not alone in what I am going through.

Thanks, honeybit.<br />
It is said faith is the "conviction of things unseen....the assurance of things hoped for..."<br />
Even those without faith are still covered by the law of His grace.<br />
It's a universal truth that belief is not always a prerequisite. Some things just ARE.

I have read some very nice things here on EP and am impressed by many of them... but honestly this is the one that has spoken loudest to me.<br />
<br />
What a sweet soul you are! This is so beautiful.