For The Love Of Lady Sea Shore

The BP Oil Disaster is Threatening to Destroy Prime Wet Land Areas along the Gulf of Mexico.
AND START CLEANING IT UP NOW!!! Do Not Wait until the oil hits shore! STOP IT NOW!!


For the Love of Lady Sea Shore

I lay here, basking in the sun,
connecting to the other one.
as I lay amongst the warm, wet sand,
awareness comes, she is alive, and oh so grand!
a moving entity, that Lives and Breathes,
Her Heart beat and rhythm in the crashing waves.
a Matrix of movement illuminated from within
the crystal formations inside the sand.
for in this instance I can touch her, feel her,
and now I truly understand,
that I am in her and she is in me.
with such pure intensity,
like that of a virgins very first kiss.
I allow her luscious waves to wash over me,
as we make Love together in the mist.
sweet moments of Our Passions Romance and light,
kissing my body and hugging me tight.
currents of Loves Force most deep and strong,
I ride upon these fierce waves forever, so long.
I have never before felt her power,
the Sea in this way, making love
with me as I lay on the shoreline
during the heat of the day,
orgasmic auras overtake
me and wisk me away!
Oh the powers of Lady Sea,
the Love that we make!
My Heart captures in Time
Our Love for Love's Sake!
Oh the Love of Lady Sea Shore
For She holds all of the power
In all of the universe and more,
hour after hour after hour.
Emotions reeling in me intensely,
score after score after score.
I run & immerse myself in Her immensity.
Rolling, crashing waves of Love,
Pure Happiness!
an eclectic release!
Needing Her softness, Her intensity, Her heat.
Now when I Feel Her in My Heart I know,
the Truth of Lady Sea.
That She is inside me, beside me,
I am Her,
and She,
is Me!

May 18, 2010

TeslasTemptress TeslasTemptress
46-50, F
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Nice idea, but easier said than done

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Beautiful poem.