Dreams In Tandem

Dreams in Tandem
Sleeping madness
Fighting back senseless
Waking nightmares stir me slightly
Shivering, *******... sweating.

Dreams encircling
Abounding, drowning
Keeping a good man down
Laughing, joking, unsure
Madness seeping in
Fights break out
And pride speaks up

Dreams are grabbing
Each and one another
Waking, stirring
Stopping the other
From unsure rest
Whispering secrets
Regrets, confusion

Dreams in Tandem
And we are sleeping with them
With each other
Giving, taking, saving
Wake from restless slumber, two
Wrapped in restful dreams too.
theredlady theredlady
41-45, F
9 Responses Jun 1, 2010

Indeed ......

Thank you Salar!.. I never thought I was that good a writer. I just do it to blow off steam. And yes.. I'm the only one that can pull them up. LOL

No need lady , no loss whae a friend gets , such a gifted and intelligent writer such as youself should have no ploblem pulling her socks up ..............

LOL Those always work wonders. You have been exceptionally helpful Salar. Thank you. *bows in respect*

a positive thought perhaps ?

yeah... I know... *sigh*... I could use a ..... eh.. that solves nothing.

them chose not to , rember you die if you worry , you also die if you dont , one last one....<br />
<br />
today was the day you worried about yesterday ......

yeah. I have a lot on my mind. I remember a time when I didn't worry. Now... I do nothing but.

the sleep of the non content lady , try sleeping for yourself , for thr simple blissfull need of rest ......