I'm The Jerk, And 50 Million Reasons Why You Are Beautiful (a Poem For You By Me)

With the utmost sincerity,
Due to unforseen vulgarity;
I committed the most uncalled for crime of all time.

I was persuaded by sadness,
And so stupid with madness;
I cannot believe that because of me, we are out of sorts.

I should have stood still, and waited for your words,
Instead i was an idiot and sung liike the birds;
Tweeting so many untruths it makes me sick that i said such things.
Of course i would ruin everything just as i always do; and because of my idiotic behavior, i lost you.

You who stood by me all of this time,
Making the most out of our distance and sweet dreams most divine.
You who i hurt and i'm more sorry than you know.
You who i doubt will ever see me the same again, or forgive me...and so..

I wish i could take back all my previous actions.
I wish i could repair what i've done to your satisfaction.
I wish you'd forgive me, I wish you'd still take me..
take me back, but why should you... after all, i've ruined everything..why should u ever want me now.

twilightbutterfly twilightbutterfly
36-40, F
Jun 4, 2010