Where To Go?

I walked into forbbiden domain
a sign said ‘ here you mustn’t remain’
And though I tried to find an exit
Something in my mind perplexed it
Could it be that I don’t want to go?
Or may it be that this is meant to be so?
Could something be holdng me back
From fleeing from this still intact?
I should have been home by now,
There must be a way out somehow…
Theres one way out! But is that wise?
What if  that leads to my demise?
There’s another! But could it be,
Taking that route would be the end of me?
What a foolish soul to believe
That faith deceiveth, how naïve…
Why does it have to be this way?
Why does the heart choose to betray? 
It’s getting dark, I think I’ll stay
And let the wind sweep me away…
nana2007homestead nana2007homestead
1 Response Jun 14, 2010

sweep....awaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyy - off to Kansas Dorothy?!?