Threads Of Ourselves

The feelings we share I ride like a wave,
The ups the downs the direction they make,
On a magic carpet that we made,
From threads of ourselves,and the pattern we laid
the vessel counts as much as the map,
The carriage awaits for us to step up,
I admit Its scary as it might appear,
Yet inside I sense no fear,
We can clear the sky as we go,
Even backwards if we must,
See this vehicle cannot wither, fall apart, or rust,
Because the engineers made it from something peaceful and loved
And Whatever the distance, is where we set the pace
Pack light you won't need a single case,
As we set of headed for the centre of the maze,
Maybe through a water fall or two, to get wet,
A rock face cliff to challenge and ascend,
Through tight curves in life and around bends,
Knowing when the lesson becomes a test,
Is when I know we will be at our best

Animalside (c)2010

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4 Responses Jun 17, 2010

Lovely poem. Faintly reminiscent of a diamond in the rough, that could be turned into the brightest, and most breath taking, gem. Good work. :)

damn...shitz nice

With a litte editing you could have and still<br />
do have the makings a phenomenal poem,<br />
reflecting deep wisdom and love for life...<br />
I liked it very much... Good work.<br />
tl<br />
PS, ie, Did you mean to say "off" rather than<br />
"of" in line#15?

I kinda like it