I Write Poetry Because In My Job, I Have Down Time...

...and it seems to be available to me to take advantage of, so I do.
I sit and turn my mind either on or off, depending on my mood of the day/moment/hour/situation.
Usually my poems are about certain things that have just transpired.
Often times they are about people that I adore or rude people that have just caused distain.
I write about a person in my situation or that I'm working with.
I write about an individual that is on my mind for good or bad reasons.
I write about character being good or bad.
I write compliments to those deserving, as well as complaints to the ones not in the know of their own behavior.
It's often very sporatic and the words just flow.
Other times, I can't find the words so I don't bother writing.
When I'm lead to write, the words are good when it's my mind doing the writing, not so much.
I find solace and peace in writing things that I can read later and still understand.
I write for legacy. I want my loved ones to read what was on my mind years years ago.
It's either a gift or a curse to put your thoughts down.
I once wrote a poem for our First Lady.
It was well received and given to the President.
Other times I've written one for a cashier or gas attendant.
It may also go to a fellow worker or student.
No matter, it's always good to get your thoughts down on paper.
Put pen to paper I often tell my friends, put pen to paper.
Imseekerofwisdom Imseekerofwisdom
46-50, F
Jun 19, 2010