The nurses love a hero, as long as he is whole,
a missing leg is bearable, the odd quite shapely hole,
an arm in a sling, can gain you kisses
your back for good? then choose a mrs..

They ll be lining up in queus,
for wounded soldiers in their blues
But we dont want things too extreme,
what to do with a man that screams?

How does one cope with him shaking,
slightest noise,his heart is breaking,
these are not the men we sent,
These are not the ones that went?

 Englands soldiers should be pretty,
nobly we expend our pity,
poor old Jack who never returned,
hidden away , too badly burned,

 you hold your charming garden party, wheel us out all hale and hearty
how do you choose which ones should go?
 you put the attractive one s on show

Would never do to show my face
 what war does to the human race
so in the shade you keep me covered,
hidden, lonely undiscovered

In fifty years, you ll see my name,
i hope you bow your head in shame,
for now you ll know the awful truth,
i gave myself, not just my youth

dirtylaugh dirtylaugh
36-40, F
Jun 28, 2010