That Which Goes Unsaid

That which goes unsaid can often save a life.
The understanding of silence leads those who care
To answers otherwise buried in regrets and broken promises.
But those for whom the understanding is needed will rarely,
If ever, easily point you in the right direction.
I would have just as much luck finding a permanent cure for heartbreak
As I would trying to convince the sister who begs for death to openly cry
Help Me.
That which goes unsaid befouls her mind and her spirit,
Often to the degree where I can see her give in to depression’s dripping jaws.
I see every sign of self abuse, every symptom of suicidal tendencies,
But I convince myself of paranoia as I allow her self rampage to continue.
I see the long pants in the summer, and the mask that convinces all but the people who know her best.
The facade feels so real, even she starts to believe it,
For a little while.
But that which goes unsaid will give her no rest
As she spends her minutes, hours, days searching for reasons to live.
She thinks she is the only one that suffers from her pain, but
That which goes unsaid destroys us both
When every day I wake up, and am forced to wonder if she will too.
Goldenpoet820 Goldenpoet820
18-21, F
Jul 1, 2010